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"80% of individuals who receive proper coaching create lasting change in themselves, their lives, their circumstances and relationships."

- ICF 2009


is not a COACHING STYLE for the average manager, but for the Leader who is willing to challenge herself and go far and above her own current leadership expectations. Who is brave to go deep and create fast results. Who is always learning. Is for the Leader who wants to bring more out of his leadership and is ready to transform his team into a High Performing one. To Develop his people.

"LEADERSHIP MOMENTUM is a modern, mindful and actionable Coaching approach, that meets the new generation Leader with the new world we live in and its unique unprecedented critical challenges"  




This coaching style has proven to be particularly successful when dealing with topics such as... 





How do I find my place in the organisation? How can I manage my success within the company?

How to lead with different leadership styles, personalities and priorities?

How can I bring my team's performance to the next level? How do I turn team members into High Performers?

How to manage unconscious biases creating awareness in the company?

"For over two decades, I've had that picture in my head: that single drop that comes to change everything in as still body of water. The moment they realize their power, they become the real game changers, and those are the leaders that I work with!"

For over 25 years, Claudia has been fascinated with human potential and those individual development SUCCESS PATHS, which are only possible when bringing together the right frameworks with the right triggers. She has dedicated years of her career in studying such triggers, being able to replicate with her customers such combinations of success.

As a MOMENTUM COACH, Claudia brings her vast leadership teachings, methods, tools, and unique approaches, to all her customers worldwide.

Wether that is with teams in the seminar room, individual face-to-face or online coachings, English or German, Claudia is a devoted Leadership impact partner, convinced that there is no small player in leadership, and that everyone plays an important role in the present and future state of organisations. "It's in the understanding of our own roles in such MOMENTUM that gives us that ultimate competitive advantage".

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Jutta Ulbrich



"Claudia accompanied my team and me throughout a longer period of time in a very complex and complicated project.


Her integrity paired up with her extraordinary expertise makes her a very mindful and sensitive Coach. During the process she opened up new ways towards great progress for the whole team and managed to do so in a very trustful and open-minded manner.


Thank you for the amazing support during this time!"

Vasily Leonov


"Claudia is an exceptional listener, out-of-the-box thinking coach and very caring personality.

When you would like to make a step up in your career or just reflect on your current challenges do ask Claudia to help you!"

Mag. Werner Fritz


"I met Claudia about 15 years ago. She was the coach of our ASFINAG Leadership Curriculum. Lately I went back to her again to consult and support me in the course of a strategy process. Her work was great - just like all the other times.

What I value the most about her? Clarity, strong communication skills and a great variety of coaching methods when approaching her tasks. And last but not least - Claudia’s sense of humor - we had a lot of fun.


I recommend Claudia to my Leaders every time they are facing difficulties in the workplace or their private lifes. Claudia is offering fast and effective solutions instead of surface scratching talks."