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Wether you are a senior executive, organisational leader or maybe a top-performing athlete, in order to become the best you can be, you need a coach who can lead you there and who can help you deliver optimal performance at key moments, as well as quickly bounce back and recover from the falls. Who can lead you into your unique personal development path.

Leadership Momentum is a coaching style that allows me to partner with clients who are serious about gaining consistent and optimal superior performance like they have never experienced before. I reserve my one-on-one sessions for a limited number of seriously highly committed individuals. My sessions are done by phone, online or in person. Let’s have a chat and see how I can support you in your transformational journey.

Young Businesswomen


I have learned that Coaching is for everyone.  

Coaching is about YOU. Is about getting clear about what you want, how much you want it and creating strategies to get you from point A to point B. It’s about getting unstuck and moving forward. It's about seeing yourself living that life and career you know you deserve and you are ready for. Making the dream tangible.

Giving a Speech


One of the most powerful ways to transform is through deep dive live immersion trainings!

As a program leadership designer, so much of my work goes in supporting L&D as well as HR professionals in putting together the best experiences out there for their teams and organisations. Let's talk on what we can create together for your people and company.

Ready to start living your best



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